Ad infinitum.

Beginning with a garden I first experienced Eden. My deepest regret is abandoning those things I wanted Like the blue suede boots, caked with earth in her backseat. "You can throw them away", I lied As if a little mud had ever done me wrong. You're all rib anyway. As any good deed does, life … Continue reading Ad infinitum.


The Cave With Two Snow Holes

Flowing down a blustery freeway Larger vehicles pass with care To skate by the small white rocket carving through lanes. She emits a delighted squeal as traction lights blink And the engine revs in all its steamy ambition. Drivers glance at the smoke trail crawling then jumping from a space in the window. The cigarette … Continue reading The Cave With Two Snow Holes


I imagine conversations that need to be had that I may Brush arm skin with Sanity. Thus is my state of mind rushing into work, arms laden with gear Grabbed stomping my way towards the front door Clutching tightly my thermos of day old coffee. I feel the cold air, but much less than human. … Continue reading Repressed


The hour hand slowly approaches a number three Squared by thin, intersecting lines. While most sleep, I fester in yesterday's mess. When many arise, I am far involved with tomorrow. It is good to be alone, I think. I thrive without supervision. The heartbeat of the nocturnal laboratory sounds in muted motors humming steady broken … Continue reading Leftovers